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Here's a lil' rundown of companies and people we have worked with or are currently instigating with... you should add your logo here.

ClearEdge Power
Phoenix Motorcars
UTC Power
Spider 9
Girls and Boys Clubs
Jensen Meat Company
CO-OP Financial Services
United States Tennis Association Southern California
Honda Racing

The Way

We're NOT an Agency

Think of us as your strategic marketing department for hire. We actually take offense when called an ad agency or a public relations firm. Ads and PR are instruments we use, but they’re only a small portion of our arsenal. We are storytellers. Whether it’s via media relations, social media, graphics, special events or any other communications tool, we strategically relay our client's messages to targeted audiences.

We are NSTIG8 your Enterprise Value Creation Team.

We don’t care about fancy red carpet events and martini lunches, unless they’re going to help you achieve sales. We care more about bringing to light your story in a way that drives your business forward. We want to understand how and where you see your business. You have a vision. Our goal is to understand it. The following steps are the foundation of our engagement:

No.1 - Discovery
No.2 - Analysis
No.3 - Positioning
No.4 - Visualization
No.5 - Articulation
No.6 - Planning
No.7 - Deployment
No.8 - Measurement


The nstig8 Team

We take the work seriously....ourselves, not so much. Egos won’t move a market. Effort will.

  • Marques McCammon
    Managing Director

    Marques is like the equation 2+2 =5. You know there is no way on Earth it is possible, but somehow it is. If you work at or with NSTIG8, this makes complete sense.

  • Dave Wilkey
    Principal Director

    Who is Dave Wilkey? We like to think of him as the Roger Federer of marketing. No, seriously, the guy plays more tennis than Federer & has better hair.

  • Jeff Green
    Principal Director

    Want to start something? Jeff Green is the NSTIG8er that sparks the flint. Just as cavemen came out of the darkness, so shall you.

  • Elena Tortora
    Sr. Associate

    Elena makes sure the NSTIG8 machine is running smoothly and always on track. We seriously have no idea how she does it, and are too scared to ask.

  • Mark De Mitchell
    All Things NSTIG8

    There are many stories hypothesizing where Mark came from. One of our favorites floating around is that he was raised by coyotes near the Salton Sea.

  • Cullen Bushnell
    Account Team Leader

    This cool cucumber is the oldest of 9 siblings, which is why she makes juggling flaming chainsaws look like a cake walk.

  • Luis Cortes
    Sr. Web & Graphic Associate

    Luis has been saving brand websites from entering the Internet Bermuda Triangle for over 10 years, learning his craft at the best bars in town.

  • Donovan Olson
    Graphic Associate

    Donovan is a born winner… a winner that takes home the prom queen… puts her in a snuggie… and makes her watch Beverly Hills Cop 1, 2 and 3, all, night, long.

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    Are you a rockstar... like Brendan Fraser? Do you want to NSTIG8 change... like Richard Gere? Polish up that resume and show us why you are the next NSTIG8er.



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